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Research Methodology For Research Scholars & Supervisors

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Introduction To PhD

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PhD Course-work for Research Scholars

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Just Pick what you need to learn


Just Pick what you need to learn

Meena sharma

Ignited Universe has been quite a vibrant platform for learning in the financial services space. It proactively ensured that I was able to find an audience for my courses on Financial Modeling and Advanced Excel courses.

Prof Meena Sharma , ( Financial Modelling and Advanced Excel )

Prof. Syed Hauider Abbas

The company has a very organised system and I have been working with them for more than 3 Years. The team is supporting and helping me all time when I have any problem with publishing my content. I published one course on accounting and now publishing another course soon. I want to add that they are very regular in payment every month. Thanks a lot.

Prof. Syed Hauider Abbas , ( Integral University, Lucknow, UP )

Prof. Rajkumar Gupta

Ignited universe a very professional company and their webinars are managed very skillfully. I have had the opportunity of speaking at more than 5 webinars, and each webinar was smoothly handled and the participants and me (the speaker) were absolutely satisfied. I am happy to be associated with the company.

Prof. Rajkumar Gupta , ( Indus International University
Una, Himachal Pradesh )

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