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Why teach on Ignited Universe?

Earn Money

Earn Money every time a student enrolls in your course and get paid on a monthly basis. If you want to host a webinar, you can choose to earn through a one-time payment basis.

Reach a wider audience

Make an impact globally by joining us in our mission of simplifying research methodology by sharing your knowledge with thousands of students and helping them to advance in their careers.

Teach in your preferred language

Ignited Universe is an abode to not only courses in english but also to many multilingual courses. Therefore, you can upload your courses content in your preferable language or in multiple languages to inspire more students.

Join our community

Become a part of our instructor community and join us in our mission of spreading academic expertise. You also get to enrich/build your reputation globally as a leading instructor.

How to host a course?

Plan your Course

Choose a topic on any aspect of finance and plan your course accordingly. Here are some topics which can help you to select your course theme:

  • Basic Research Methods
  • SPSS
  • Research Paper Writing
  • Thesis Writing
  • Data Analysis
  • Literature Review
  • Referencing and Citation
  • Upload your Course

    If you have a smartphone or a DSLR just add a microphone to it and you are ready to record your first course. You can record your course using a Webcam, Microphone or a presentation software like Microsoft Powerpoint. You can also use a digital pen, Whiteboard or any other tool that you feel like. To upload your course, please follow the steps as given in the course upload manual.

    No promotional content (visual or audio) should be added anywhere in the course.

    Course Review

    Once you have recorded and uploaded your course, our knowledge team will review the course content. Once your course gets approved, it will be made live immediately.

    If our knowledge team rejects your course, you will receive a mail from our end specifying the modifications which you need to make in your course content. Once you implement the changes, our team will review and approve your course.

    Course Promotion

    Now once you have recorded and uploaded the course, your task is done. Ignited Universe will take up the responsibility of promoting your course so to make sure that your course reaches its desired audience and in turn helps you to build a following and start earning.


    Ignited Universe will share a part of the revenue whenever a student enrolls in your course. The payment are aggregated and credited directly to your bank account in the following month.

    How to host a Webinar?

    A effective way of interacting with your audience is to host a webinar. You can meet a larger audience as an educator, as well as participants from everywhere can just tap into your webinar. Do you have what it takes to be a gracious, charming host who fascinates an audience online? If the response is: Yes & you fulfill the following requirements, we are here to provide the best place for you!

  • Admirable twitter or youtube followers (at least above 5K)
  • Positive social media presence
  • Good on-air communication
  • Ability to prepare strategic based presentations
  • Engage with audiences for Q & A
  • You have a winning chance of having a lasting impression on your group as long as you’re on and share your excitement with your viewers.

    Why join us?


    Learners worldwide


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    NSE, MCX, NCDEX Certified courses


    Different Languages

    Help and Support

    Our instructor support team is here for you to help you through your course creation needs.
    Write to us at or call at +91-9051622255 and get your queries resolved.

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